5 Reasons Why Nintendo’s Wii U Console Failed


Despite the fact that the Wii was a best-selling system for Japanese giant Nintendo, the same cannot be said for its ill-fated successor the Wii U. Because despite the fact that some great first party games like Splatoon came out for the system over the years, it is clear the Wii U simply wasn’t the hit Nintendo hoped it would be.

Maybe this was due to poor marketing on Nintendo’s part, the not that great hardware, or maybe that Nintendo tried to innovate too much with the console’s touchscreen controller, but the truth is the Wii U was a bit of failure for Nintendo. Here follow 5 reasons why Nintendo’s Wii U console failed.

1. Lack of third party games


It’s undeniable that Nintendo’s line-up of first party games for the Wii U has been brilliant thus far, with great titles like the racer Nintendo Kart 8, the original paint-based shooter Splatoon and the superb Mario Maker, which was amongst the best games of 2015 for the console.

But when it comes to third party games or exclusives for the Wii U, things have been surely lacking. We haven’t seen the likes of Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty on the Wii U and likely never will, especially now that its successor the NX is on the horizon. This certainly made the Wii U far less attractive to hardcore gamers and even casual players who took to Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One instead.

SOURCE: GameSpot.
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