5 Reasons Why the PS4 Is a Better Buy than the Xbox One

2. The price drop


The Xbox One’s price cut came first, but now the PS4 is on equal terms.


Microsoft managed to regain some of the lost ground to rival Sony in late 2014, with the Xbox One outselling the PS4 during the 2014 holiday season. But this was only due to an aggressive price cut, with Microsoft offering the One at a competitive price point of $350 in the US, and also dropping the much-maligned Kinect from the baseline package.

And while the price advantage and some great bundled games did serve to draw some gamers to Microsoft’s console, it seems that the Xbox One’s renaissance was short-lived. You see, Sony is now offering their best-selling PS4 console at that same $350 price point (£299 in the UK), so the Xbox One’s price advantage is gone. This coupled with the PS4’s graphical superiority and arguably better exclusives make Sony’s console a more enticing buy right now.