Xbox One S vs PS4 Slim: which is the better console?


Now that the holiday season is in full swing and many gamers are looking to finally replace their ageing last-gen console, the big question that likely comes to buyer’s minds is whether they should go for a PS4 or Xbox One.

And there’s no doubt that Sony’s and Microsoft’s consoles offer a slew of features and a great new-gen gaming experience these days, with both the re-designed PS4 Slim and the Xbox One S being an attractive buy at this moment in time. But which is the better console of the two? Is the Xbox One S a better gaming platform than Sony’s PS4 Slim? Read on to find out.

1. Hardware specs

Back in late 2013, when both the original Xbox One and PS4 hit the shelves, it became apparent that Sony’s machine was the more powerful of the two, boasting a faster graphics chip by tech company AMD and also zippier memory (Sony used the GDDR5 variety while Microsoft opted for ordinary DD3 memory for the One). This is the reason why many games like Far Cry 4 have consistently run at higher resolutions on the PS4 than on the Xbox One, cementing the idea that Sony’s console was the more powerful machine for gaming in many players’ minds.

And things have changed little with the PS4 Slim and Xbox One S, even though Microsoft has slightly improved the Xbox One specs with the S. Both machines also support HDR, which will be of interest to owners of 4K TVs as this leads to more eye popping and vibrant colours onscreen. Of course, the Xbox One S also features that fabled ultra-high definition Blu-Ray drive vs the PS4 Slim’s ordinary Blu-Ray unit… But still, it is clear that when it comes to running video games, the PS4 Slim is still the more powerful console overall.


PS4 Slim (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Xbox One S (Microsoft Corporation)