Xbox One S vs PS4 Slim: which is the better console?

5. Other features

Microsoft’s recently released Xbox One S, a redesigned version of the original Xbox One, is certainly a better-looking, less bulky product than the original model. And like its predecessor, the Xbox One S boasts full backwards compatibility with hundreds of Xbox 360 games, which will likely be a better option than Sony’s PS Now streaming service is for PS4 owners when it comes to playing old games.

Another interesting feature of the Xbox One S is that, unlike Sony’s PS4 Slim, games can be installed to an external hard drive, which makes it easy to add extra storage space without having to take the console apart to replace the hard drive.

Also, it may bother some that Sony did away with the digital audio connector with the PS4 Slim, even if this slim redesign of the PS4 is the more compact console of the two… Overall, though, and taking into account the Xbox One S’s ultra-high definition Blu-Ray drive, Microsoft’s console does win out when it comes to additional features.

WINNER: Xbox One S

Game Drive for Xbox (Seagate)


Since the current console generation kicked into full gear in 2013, Sony’s PS4 has consistently outsold the Xbox One due to its gamer-oriented focus, more powerful hardware and more compact and attractive design, reaching an installed user base of more than 50 million owners, putting the PS4 on track to surpass the PS3 next year.

Microsoft has not been resting on its laurels though, and it’s clear that 2016’s redesigned Xbox One S is a very strong offering thanks to its smart new re-design, slightly improved hardware and integrated ultra-high definition Blu-Ray drive. And there’s not much between both consoles right now truth be told, even if the PS4 Slim is still a more powerful gaming machine and has arguably the better exclusive line-up.

So when deciding whether to plump for one console or the other is mostly a matter of which machine your friends and relatives game on when online, which console’s exclusives are more your cup of tea and, of course, which you can find at a lower price, as either the PS4 Slim of Xbox One S would make a great purchase this holiday season.