The PS4 Slim could make it hard for Microsoft to catch up with Sony


One of the most exciting announcements at this year’s E3 show was Microsoft’s announcing of the Xbox One S, a slimmer, lightweight model of their Xbox One console. Because the truth is that while the Xbox One is a capable gaming machine overall, its bulkiness and separate power brick did not help it win many fans.

So perhaps those sitting on the fence regarding whether to buy a PS4 or Xbox One this generation perhaps found the reduced size, larger hard drive, and support for 4K video of the Xbox One S appealing enough to go for it instead of going for Sony’s world-conquering PS4…

But it seems Sony had an ace up its sleeve, because according to a Wall Street Journal article, the Japanese company will likely reveal a new, more compact PS4 model in the coming months. This will likely be done at the Tokyo Game Show, one of the biggest video game-related events in Asia, which seems like the perfect venue for such a reveal.

It’s not like the PS4 needed “to lose weight” so to speak, as the current model is already pretty compact and lightweight, but releasing a new “Slim” model of the PS4 would help cement Sony’s lead in this console generation. And given that the PS4 has sold more than 40 million units, which is likely more than twice the number of Xbox One’s in consumers hands right now, it might be pretty hard for Microsoft to catch up with Sony right now.


Those looking to get a PS4 might want to wait until September, when Sony will likely unveil a new “PS4 Slim” model.


Of course, Sony already did this in the last generation, releasing a slimmer, more appealing redesign of the PS3, back when the Japanese company was playing a catch-up game, as Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was leading in sales.

The situation is different this generation and the PS4 is way ahead of the Xbox One in terms of sales, though. And even if Microsoft has the upcoming Xbox Scorpio in the pipeline (which is rumoured to be massively powerful and which is slated for release in late 2017), Sony is also likely to reveal the PS4 Neo this year, a new, more powerful model of the PS4 which will support 4K gaming and which gamers will be able to get their hands on this fall.

So despite the fact that the Xbox One S reveal was one of the most exciting moments at this year’s E3 show, Sony’s likely reveal of a new PS4 Slim model together with the more powerful PS4 Neo at this year’s Tokyo Game Show will most certainly steal Microsoft’s thunder… Although perhaps all has not been said and done in this console generation yet, and Microsoft is able to catch up with Sony yet, but what is clear is that these are exciting times indeed for video game fans and gamers alike.