5 video games to look forward to in February 2017

5. For Honor

Fans of melee combat in video games will surely be looking forward to For Honor.

For Honor is certainly one of the most promising new games to come from Ubisoft’s stable in recent times, and unlike the earlier The Division will focus on melee combat, foregoing ranged weapons altogether. Despite this, it looks like For Honor’s combat will be fast-paced and exciting judging by the trailer below, and will likely have plenty more depth than the average hack and slash game.

Also, while the game has a focus on multiplayer online gameplay, it will also feature a story-driven single player campaign in which players will be able to command characters from three different factions (Knights, Samurais or Vikings) taking part in huge battles throughout the campaign. It remains to be seen, though, whether the game’s multiplayer and single player will be fun enough, but this is still one game to look forward to this year no doubt.

Release date: February 14. Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.