Kojima explains why he partnered with Sony, says Death Stranding won’t be a VR game


Japanese video game designer Hideo Kojima is one of the most respected personalities in the video game world no doubt, and even Star Wars actor Mads Mikkelsen, whom Kojima will be working with on his upcoming game Death Stranding, branded the Japanese star “a master” in a recent interview.

So it’s clear that when Kojima-san speaks, video game fans pay attention, and much to the delight of gamers worldwide Kojima spoke about Death Stranding and other matters at the RTX Sydney cultural event in Australia this February.

Amongst other things, Kojima explained why he chose to partner with Sony despite getting an enormous amount of offers from other third parties according to gaming website Dualshockers. Actually, Kojima even received offers from non-gaming companies and one Middle Eastern solicitor that reportedly offered the Japanese maestro a boatload of money.

In the end though, Kojima’s decision to partner with Sony was due to the fact that he already knew the company quite well as he had previously worked with the Tokyo-based company in the past, plus there was also the element of trust as Sony would give him the creative freedom he wanted to deliver something special to his fans. And it’s clear that other potential partners like his Middle Eastern solicitor might not have let him show actor Norman Reedus naked in Death Stranding’s creepy and haunting first trailer

Kojima’s Death Stranding won’t be a PS5 or a VR game, but hopefully it will still be as great as his other projects have been to date.


Of course, this being the age of virtual reality, Kojima was asked by one gamer at RTX Sydney whether Death Stranding will be a VR video game too, but it seems the eagerly awaited game won’t have a VR mode like Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 does, as Kojima revealed Death Stranding will definitely not be a VR game according to Dualshockers.

But despite the fact that we’ve already seen several trailers for the game and that we already know that Guillermo del Toro will be a character in the game, little is known about how Death Stranding will actually play, although it will be an open-world game and feature non-linear gameplay. The game will also be using the same 3D engine Guerrilla Games’ developed for their upcoming PS4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn, meaning this is likely to be one pretty game indeed.

Kojima also shed light on the game’s development schedule when he was asked whether Death Stranding would be a PS5 game, with the Japanese designer saying it would definitely be a PS4 release, hopefully meaning Death Stranding won’t take as long as his earlier project Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain did, a game which suffered numerous delays.

But still, given Kojima’s talent for making video games and his enviable track record it’s hard to think that Death Stranding will be anything less than a masterpiece, so this is certainly one game to look forward to in the future.

Death Stranding (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
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