A new Total War game is coming in 2020


The Total War games are some of the best strategy games ever made for PCs, and this video game series has been going strong for years now. As a matter of fact this year’s Total War: Three Kingdoms turned out to be another hit for British studio Creative Assembly.

Not resting on their laurels though, Creative is now hard at work on another Total War game, titled A Total War Saga: Troy. This new entry in the franchise is scheduled to hit shelves sometime in 2020, as was recently reported on gaming website GameSpot.

This won’t be a mainline entry like this May’s Total War: Three Kingdoms was. Rather, as it’s name suggests this is another spin-off game like last year’s Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia.

The difference between the Saga games and the mainline entries is that the former is more focused on one period of history and location (such as the 9th century British Isles of Britannia) instead of spanning centuries and featuring huge maps to conquer (like 2013’s Total War: Rome II for instance). Also, the Saga games are more keen on the narrative and characters than the major entries.

So, what will the upcoming A Total War Saga: Troy be about?

Well, this game focuses on the conflict between the Greeks and the Trojans in the 12th century (no sign of Brad Pitt here, as this is not connected in any way to the 2004 movie). Expect to see characters like Achilles, though, who will be taking on Trojan prince Hector in a game inspired by the Iliad – you know, that ancient Greece poem which made its author Homer rather famous.

Creative Assembly’s trailer below shows some of the game’s characters and settings, while players will be taking control of not only the Greeks here but also of the Trojans in what promises to be another strategy game of epic proportions.

So, will A Total War Saga: Troy live up to earlier Total War games, offering the same exciting mix of real-time tactics on a 3D battlefield (where players will get to command huge armies as usual) and deep strategy, or will this turn out to be a disappointment? This remains to be seen, but give Creative Assembly’s track record and how well received this year’s Total War entry has been, this looks likely to end up being another solid strategy game when it hits shelves sometime in 2020.