Hitman 2 is getting a new level next week


It’s likely that Hitman fans were pleased with last year’s Hitman 2. This game was another fine entry in the long-running stealth and action video game series, featuring fantastic locations and the best sandbox gameplay since Hitman 2016.

Not resting on their laurels, though, development team IO Interactive has kept adding new content to Hitman 2, revealing their September roadmap for the game earlier this month. The biggest draw is undoubtedly the new location being added to the game: an island resort in the Maldives. Known as Haven Island, this level will be available on September 24 to those who own the game’s expansion pass, or those who purchased the Gold Edition of Hitman 2.

Not much is known yet about what Agent 47 (the game’s protagonist) will be doing on Haven Island. The main mission taking place on this location ties to the events and story of the Bank mission which was made available to expansion pass owners last June, though.

Those who enjoyed last June’s bank mission will also be happy to know that a new Escalation Contract taking place in this location is now available to play in Hitman 2. Like other missions of this type, this comprises several stages with different complications each, with Agent 47 being forced to wear the robber’s outfit (complete with cute bunny mask) during this mission.

Aside from three other Escalation Contracts set in Hitman 2’s original locations (Whittleton Creek, Mumbai and the Colombian town of Santa Fortuna) two “special assignments” will be landing on September 24 together with the new Haven Island location. Set in Miami and Whittleton Creek, these two assassination missions share a narrative thread which will hopefully add to Hitman 2’s original story.

Also, those fond of Hitman’s Elusive Targets will be looking forward to playing two of the best ETs from Hitman’s 2016 episodic season: The Blackmailer and The Angel of Death. The Blackmailer is currently live in the game and ready to die by your hand, while The Angel of Death will become available on September 27, and will be available for ten days in the game.

Also, those who can’t wait to start playing the new Haven Island location need to know that developer IO Interactive will be doing a livestream focused on this new location on their Twitch channel on September 23.

The new content coming out this month will also be the last for expansion pass owners, and it’s not yet known at this time whether IO plans to release more content for Hitman 2 in the remainder of the year.

The company does plan to put out another Hitman game, though, viewing the current run of Hitman games (Hitman 2016 and last year’s effort) as a trilogy. This upcoming Hitman game might even be episodic like 2016’s entry, something I would personally welcome as it gave players more time to savour its endlessly replayable sandbox locations.

Nonetheless for the time being Hitman 2 owners and those who get hold of the expansion pass have plenty to look forward to in what remains of the month, with the promise of more Hitman games to come in the not too distant future too.

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