Adult game House Party to get VR mode and celebrity DLC this fall

House Party caused quite a stir back in 2017 when it first hit the Steam store. You see, some people saw it as a tasteless and pornographic video game, and mounting pressure against the game saw it banned from Steam for a while. House Party was later allowed back on Valve’s video game store in censored form in what was surely one of 2017’s biggest video game controversies.

House Party (which is made by indie studio Eek! Games) has remained on Steam’s Early Access program for five years, getting regular updates as developer Eek! added new features to the game. Early Access titles are considered still in development, but users can still buy the game on Steam if the don’t mind playing an incomplete version…

The game left Steam’s Early Access program recently, though, finally getting a full release more than five years after its original launch.

Eek! Games isn’t done adding features to the game, as the studio recently said. “Just because we are coming out of Early Access though doesn’t mean we are going to stop working on the game … and there will still be more polish, cutscenes, and Easter Eggs in the pipeline”, said Eek! on the Steam website.

Actually, one of the major features coming to the game is a VR or virtual reality mode – letting you experience the titular house party in a more immersive way. The list of VR adult and sex games available keeps growing by the day, and those interested in this kind of video game have more options available these days, including popular names such as Holodexxx and Date Night, and now it looks like Eek! Games is gearing up to jump on the bandwagon with House Party.

As stated earlier, this will let you enjoy the game in VR mode, and will presumably support most of the VR headsets available for PC right now such as the Oculus Quest. House Party remains a PC exclusive to this date, although hopes are up developer Eek! Games will be able to bring the title to consoles sometime in the future (and maybe also its sequel Office Party, which it has begun to work on now).

Aside from the upcoming VR mode, the people behind House Part will also be bringing celebrity Doja Cat to the game via a paid DLC this fall. The Grammy Award winner will be featured in the game, lending her likeness and voice to House Party, and will be appearing in the game as one of the party guests.

Spending the night at the titular house, House Party lets you form alliances and rivalries, potentially turning each of the party’s guests into a friend of an enemy – but romance (and sex) is also possible, so it will be interesting to see whether players will be able to hit it on with celebrity Doja Cat, plus all the other new conversations and interactions the character will bring to the game too…

One of the big additions to the game in its latest patch (which took it out of Steam’s Early Access) was giving players the option of playing through the game as a female character, which according to Eek! Games adds up to a different experience in several ways:

“you’ll be invited to the party by a different bestie, partygoers will react differently to you, you’ll hear new background conversations, there will be some new ways to bond with familiar partygoers, and brand new romance scenes for the female player!”, said Eek!.

Aside from giving the ladies an excuse to try this adult-oriented game, it will be interesting to see how interactions with Doja Cat will vary in-game depending on whether you’re playing as the default male character or the recently added female lead, which is something that could add plenty of replay value to the game. There’s also an “explicit content add-on” available which shows full nudity during the game’s erotic scenes, letting players enjoy the game without censorship of any kind, although this is a completely optional add-on, of course.

House Party fans will definitely be looking forward to what’s coming to the game, then, while those interested in this adult game have more reasons to pick it up come this fall too…