Agent 47 jets off to Marrakesh in Hitman’s episode 3


The new Hitman video game by IO Interactive has been one of the video game surprises of the year, with its great action and stealth gameplay and superb life-like locations. And although many were sceptical about the developers’ decision to divide the game into episodes instead of releasing a full game later on, the truth is that this latest Hitman game has worked quite well in its episodic format.

Hitman’s first two episodes have offered the kind of open sandbox gameplay that IO Interactive’s earlier Hitman: Blood Money game (which came out in 2006) was renowned for. Because players had multiple ways to accomplish the missions and terminate Agent 47’s targets, from resorting to his trusty silenced pistol to more original means like firing a cannon at his target or even cutting down the hapless victim with an axe while dressed as a vampire magician…

And Hitman’s latest episode (number three) will likely offer the same varied gameplay as the earlier episodes, while also being set in a more exotic location. Because while episode 1 took players to a high-class fashion show in Paris in a luxurious mansion and episode 2 was set in a sunny Italian coastal town named Sapienza, episode 3 takes place in the northern African city of Marrakesh.


The consulate building. Now where is that banker?


It also appears though, that the stakes will be higher this time for Agent 47 and his employer the ICA (International Contract Agency), as there is a protest rally going on in Marrakesh, and Agent 47 will also have to terminate two hard to reach targets: a general named Reza Zaydan and a Swedish banker. And even though this looks like the setting and plot of a James Bond movie, Agent 47 is not a spy like Bond who fought for queen and country, but more like an antihero character who kills in cold blood. But anyway, it’s not that his targets are morally upright model citizens anyway…

Judging by the screenshots released by IO Interactive, episode 3 also looks like it will be another beautiful and life-like location, with a large and classy Swedish Consulate building that players will have to infiltrate to get  to one of Agent 47’s targets, and the beautiful terraces and bustling markets of Marrakesh.

It remains to be seen though, whether this upcoming Hitman episode will be as good as the earlier episodes, but we’ll get to find out soon enough whether episode 3 will deliver the same great gameplay the game has offered so far when it releases later this May.

Note: Episode 3 of the Hitman game will be released on May 31, 2016. Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.