Batman: The Enemy Within continues next week with ‘Fractured Mask’ episode


Although Telltale Games is better known for episodic adventures such as The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, the US dev also caused a great impression in 2016 with its first Batman game, proving it could make the most of a superhero character like the Caped Crusader in an episodic adventure game.

And those who loved Telltale’s first Batman game were happy to hear that a second season would be coming out this year, the first episode of which was released last summer, while a second episode came out last October.

Both episodes have been pretty good so far, with the second episode (titled “The Pact”) being even better than the first thanks to its expanded cast of supervillains and due to the way Telltale chose to put Bruce Wayne at the center of things, offering interesting choices throughout as we pointed out in our review.

Thankfully, those eager to find out how this Batman story continues will be pleased to know that this season’s third episode is releasing next week. Titled “Fractured Mask”, this episode also looks likely to focus on Bruce Wayne (instead of his masked alter ego Batman) and his relationship with the criminal underworld and characters like the mysterious John Doe and Harley Quinn, while hopefully we’ll also get to find out more about who’s behind the latest plot to take over Gotham City (see trailer below).

Given that Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within has been going from strength to strength since the game launched last summer it’s likely this will be another solid episode of the series, although it remains to be seen whether Telltale can keep the momentum going and keep us hooked on this Batman story until the end, something we’ll find out when this third episode of the series lands next week.

Note: Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 3: Fractured Mask will be released on November 21, 2017. Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.