Battlefield 1: Top things you need to know about DICE’s game

The game has a single player campaign, but it’s mostly about the multiplayer


You can meet historical characters like Lawrence of Arabia in Battlefield 1’s single player campaign.


Unlike DICE’s earlier game Star Wars Battlefront, the new Battlefield 1 game will feature a single player campaign, which is meatier and more detailed than the campaigns in earlier Battlefield games too.

In the campaign, players get to take part in six different war stories, playing several characters such as a Bedouin resistance fighter who gets to meet Lawrence of Arabia and a British recruit who joins a Mark V tank crew before an assault on a French town.

What’s interesting is that the single player campaign will require improvisation and be as dynamic as the multiplayer, as gamers will be able to resort to stealth, long-range weapons or vehicles to deal with enemies as they play through the campaign, although it’s clear that like in other Battlefield games, the multiplayer will be the star of the show here…

Operations is a new dynamic multiplayer mode

Battlefield features the usual multiplayer modes familiar to fans of the series like Conquest mode, in which up to 64 players fight for control of key positions on the map, and Domination, a faster-paced and smaller-scale version of Conquest set in locations that encourage close quarters combat.

The new Operations mode will likely be the highlight for most players, though, as in this mode players can take part in battles spanning several maps, in which the attacking side must take out all defending positions in each sector, while the defenders must hold their trenches and repel the attackers by resorting to defensive weapons like stationary cannons, for instance. This mode recreates epic battles from World War I, offering a deeper and longer experience, and is likely to take up most players’ time in this latest Battlefield game.