Battlefield 1 trailer takes viewers to World War I


In the end, there wasn’t much of a “reveal event” for the latest game in the Battlefield franchise, as we only got to see a trailer and listen to some developer commentary, but is clear that this new Battlefield game is something of a big deal.

Titled “Battlefield 1”, the game rewinds the clock to the early 20th century, taking place during World War I. And in this action-packed trailer we get to see some of the trench warfare that made this conflict famous, as well as early tanks, and some good old-fashioned melee combat (with a shovel no less…).

And for those who think that a WWI-era game would likely be slow-paced and boring, this reveal trailer shows plenty of heart-pumping action, including cavalry charges with swords, huge battleships, a zeppelin, and even chemical warfare (which was introduced in WWI).

There’s no doubt, though, that the Battlefield franchise by Swedish developer DICE has always been a competitor to Activision’s Call of Duty, but could Battlefield get the upper hand this year?

Gamers have become wary of Call of Duty’s sci-fi take on military combat in the last couple of years, and if fan-response to the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer is anything to go by, then it is likely that DICE could steal Activision’s thunder this fall.

For the time being though, the fact that DICE has chosen the early 20th century and World War I as Battlefield’s new setting is exciting, certainly making this Battlefield game one of the most eagerly awaited video game releases of 2016.

Note: Battlefield 1 will be released on October 21. Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.