Doom will please nostalgic fans with maps from Doom 1 and 2


The Doom reboot by legendary outfit id Software will be out on May 13, although we already know quite a bit about how this latest Doom game will look and play thanks to earlier gameplay trailers, and the game’s open beta.

There’s no doubt, though, that Doom is one of the biggest first-person action franchises in town. After all, the original Doom game of the 90’s and its sequel single-handedly made the first-person shooter genre one of the most popular in gaming.

Those who played through the original games back in the 90’s are in for a treat though, as every level in the new Doom will allow players to unlock a map from the original games. This is done by discovering and pulling a hidden lever in each level, opening a door leading to a stub of a level from the original Doom game or its sequel (the full level will later be accessible from the game’s menu).

According to id Software executive producer Marty Stratton, who discussed this original Easter egg together with creative director Hugo Martin in an IGN video, “you get to play them with new guns and demons”.

And the first Doom game which came out in 1993 and its sequel certainly had its share of classic levels, and according to id Software’s Stratton not only will players get to enjoy the same map but the demon enemies will be in the same locations as well.

This is no doubt great news for those who grew up playing the old Doom games, and hopefully Bethesda and id Software will deliver a reboot worthy of the 90’s classics when Doom is released this May.

Note: Doom will be released on May 13, 2016. Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.