Bloodborne and other games are free for PS Plus subscribers this month


Sony has revealed this month’s PS Plus games, which will be available for PS Plus members starting on March 6.

The highlight of the lot is undoubtedly Bloodborne, a survival horror game which hit shelves back in 2015. This was made by FromSoftware, the people behind Dark Souls and Demon Souls, so as you can imagine Bloodborne is an ultra-hard video game that will take all your gaming skill and patience to beat.

Bloodborne is obviously not for everyone then, and its bloodcurdling atmosphere and terrifying (and very hard) bosses might leave you a nervous wreck and exhausted by the end. Nonetheless, this is still a must-play title for anyone who have the slightest interest in the survival horror genre. And as a PS Plus freebie, Bloodborne is hard to beat too…

Thankfully, though, those in the mood for a more family-friendly experience will be delighted to know that Ratchet & Clank is also free for PS Plus subscribers this month. This is a pseudo sequel to the 2002 PS2 game and offers an entertaining mix of third-person action and platforming. Plus, it contains plenty of animated cutscenes too, including footage from the 2016 movie.

Aside from these two games, PS4 owners will also get Bombing Busters and Claire: Extended Cut. These two games are freely available to PS Vita owners this month, but can be played on PS4 via Cross Buy too.

So is the case of Mighty No.9, a PS3 game which is playable on PS4 thanks to Cross Buy, and is another free Sony offering to PS Plus members this month.

Additionally, those who still game on the PS3 will be able to enjoy Legend of Kay aside from Mighty No.9 this month too.

So, this is an interesting collection of games to look forward to come March 6 then, and hopefully Sony will keep delivering good video game freebies for those on PS Plus in what remains of 2018, while those yet to pick up February’s free games are still able to do so if they so desire as well.