Rumour: a new Battlefield game will be set during WWII


If one thing is clear, is that Battlefield 1 was one of the biggest games of 2016. It sold millions of copies and ended up being one of the year’s most popular games, and while rival military shooter Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare received much criticism due to its sci-fi setting, Battlefield 1 and its World War I action sure were a breath of fresh air for many people.

It wasn’t a coincidence, then, that Activision took a pointer from Battlefield 1’s success and decided to set its 2017 Call of Duty game during World War II. And given that this game turned out to be the franchise’s top-seller since 2012’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II, it makes sense that EA and developer DICE would follow suit and take the next Battlefield game to World War II as well…

And indeed this appears to be the case, as recently reported on VentureBeat. According to the website, the next game in the Battlefield series (named Battlefield V and not Battlefield 2 as you would expect) will be set during WWII.

No details about the game itself have been revealed yet, though. But those who have played Battlefield 1 (or even last year’s Star Wars Battlefront II) already know what to expect from the game, as it’s likely to stick to Swedish developer DICE’s usual formula.

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This means you can expect a single player campaign taking place across multiple scenarios and involving different characters, as was the case with Battlefield 1. This had several mini-campaigns taking place in diverse scenarios like a French town and northern Africa, and involving various characters like a British soldier and even Lawrence of Arabia himself.

Regarding the multiplayer, this is likely to feature pretty much the same multiplayer modes as 2016’s Battlefield 1 did, but obviously with WWII-era weapons and vehicles. There will certainly be something similar to Battlefield 1’s Operations mode too, an exciting, multi-stage multiplayer experience that was one of the bits of 2016’s military shooter.

This is all rumour and speculation for the time being, though, and there’s still a remote possibility that we won’t get to play a WWII-era Battlefield game this year in the end. But it does seem like a wise business decision for EA to jump into the WWII bandwagon, a move that was such a success for Activision last year, so a Battlefield WWII is almost an inevitability at this point.

This may annoy some who were still longing for rumours about a possible Battlefield game set during the Vietnam war to be true, but if a WWII-set Battlefield V turns out to be as good as Battlefield 1 was in 2016, few gamers will be complaining come the game’s release date later this year.