Civilization 6 free Julius Caesar DLC out now, here’s how to get it


The Civilization series of video games has been running strong for more than 20 years now. And those who are into turn-based strategy sure swear by the games, especially the latest entry in the series Civilization VI, which features many nice improvements and additions to the series’ formula.

But it seems that American company Firaxis isn’t done adding new content to the game, even though it released a supposedly final version of the game (titled Civilization VI Anthology) in summer 2021.

Nobody will be complaining though, because Firaxis is giving away a free leader you can play as in the game. This is none other than Julius Caesar, the iconic leader of Rome who made his debut in the first Civilization game back in 1991. Unlike Trajan (who so far has been the only leader available for Rome in Civilization VI), Julius Caesar is above all a conqueror as Firaxis explains on the game’s Steam page.

So when playing as Caesar in the game you’ll get extra gold when you successfully take over a barbarian settlement, and also when you conquer an enemy city for the first time. This is increased once you research steel in the game, so this is a technology you’ll likely want to go for quickly when playing as Caesar in the game. Caesar’s warmongering perk also ties in nicely to Rome’s other advantages (such as free roads) as seen in the video below.

In order to add the Julius Caesar DLC to your game, you need to follow the instructions provided here. It all basically amounts to creating a 2K account if you don’t have one already (which is something you can do on 2K’s website), and linking this account to your Steam account if you’re running the PC version of the game.

To do so, you need to login to your 2K account after starting Civilization VI (do this by clicking the button located in the bottom right-hand corner of the game’s main menu). After doing this, restart the game, then click on the “Additional Content” button and then on “Mods”. Locate the Julius Caesar DLC and enable it – that’s it.

Playing as Julius Caesar in Civilization VI should make for an enjoyable experience for those who prefer to seek victory via warfare rather than other means, although game company Firaxis is also spicing up leader variety in the game via the new “Leader Pass”. This paid DLC for the game features new leaders, which are “each designed to tease out clever new playstyles and challenge veteran CIV players in surprising ways” according to Firaxis.

The Leader Pass will be released in instalments. The first (now available) features US leader Abraham Lincoln, and is free of charge for those who own Civilization VI Anthology. The last will arrive in March 2023, at which point Firaxis will likely be done with Civilization VI.

The game saw a release back in October 2016, and fans of the franchise will likely want to hear Firaxis start talking about the inevitable Civilization 7 sooner rather than later, even if the free Julius Caesar DLC and Leader Pass should keep people busy until the next entry in the Civilization series comes along.