Postal 3 has been removed from the Steam store


There have been plenty of bad games released over the years, but Postal 3 sure got lots of bad rap when it hit shelves back in 2011. An ultraviolent game featuring plenty of tasteless humor and gore, it was also something of a tedium to play through due to its bad gameplay and technical glitches. Postal 3’s Metacritic score of 24 is testament to the fact that this game wasn’t loved by reviewers.

So it’s likely nobody will be in mourning at the news that Postal 3 has been removed from the Steam store, meaning nobody will be able to buy it any more from Valve’s digital storefront.

Developer Running With Scissors recently announced this in a tweet (via PC Gamer), in which they did not speak kindly of their game to say the least, alluding to the “sh*tt*ness” of it in their tweet.

“With Postal 3’s DRM issues and overall sh*tt*ness of the game itself, the game is officially no longer being sold on Steam”, said the dev in its tweet.

Well, calling Postal 3 their game might be something of a stretch… This is because it was actually outsourced to a third party, which went bankrupt shortly after the game’s release.

The game, though, is likely not even as good as the badly-reviewed Postal film by movie director Uwe Boll, unless jokes about venereal diseases, collecting sick cats and shooting braindead enemies (including Arab terrorists) is your idea of fun.

Postal 3 does pale in comparison to its predecessor (titled Postal 2 as you can imagine), which developer Running With Scissors was fully responsible for. There the tasteless humor and wanton violence did work well together to make for a fun game.

So it’s actually a good thing that whatever DRM issues Postal 3 was having on Steam have led to its delisting from Valve’s platform, saving would be buyers the pain of playing one of the worst games ever made.

Nonetheless the dev is recommending people they pirate Postal 3 in order to play it, which does seem like a waste of bandwidth all things considered… As for the future of the Postal franchise, it seems it’s still alive and well – there was a Postal 4 game this year believe it or not, and also the spin-off title Postal: Brain Damaged, both of which are available on Steam.

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