Conan O’Brien and Terry Crews play Battlefield 1 in Clueless Gamer


One of this year’s top military shooters has undoubtedly been Battlefield 1 by Swedish game creators DICE, due to its great single player campaign and superb multiplayer action.

And given that this is one of the hottest games of the moment, it’s not surprising that it was recently featured in Conan O’Brien’s popular Clueless Gamer show.

In this edition of the popular comedic segment, the American host was joined by none other than actor Terry Crews, who got a chance to flex his biceps and play Battlefield 1 together with O’Brien.

Mind you, Battlefield 1 sure is an intense military shooter, with the men taking “bunny breaks” on two occasions during the show, while O’Brien also joked that “this is what we’re going to look like six months into a Trump presidency” after seeing the bloody and violent World War I combat featured in DICE’s game.

Terry Crews and his host also commented that Battlefield 1 is so good “it will make you want to urinate”, something that’s unlikely to feature on the game’s cover anytime soon… It’s clear, though, that Battlefield 1 is surely one of the best games released this year together with the likes of Final Fantasy XV, which also featured in Clueless Gamer recently, and Gears of War 4, which O’Brien  played with musician Will Khalifa last October in another funny edition of the popular show.