Controversial sex game House Party to get full release next summer

Video games featuring sex have caused controversy in the past, and so has House Party by developer Eek! Games. Actually, the game got banned from the Steam store back in summer 2017.

You see, this adult game’s content had the moral guardians up in arms, as it not only featured nudity but also graphic sex scenes, and other morally dubious stuff such as sexual blackmail in its story too…

However, the ban was not to last, and the game was finally allowed to sell on Steam again, a move that makes sense taking into account that popular mainstream titles like GTA V also include sexual and other content aimed at adults and are allowed to sell on Steam.

Those looking to pick up House Party, though, might have been deterred by the fact that this is still an “Early Access” game. This means that development is still ongoing and that the game is not yet finished, as new features are being added regularly to the game. Despite this, developer Eek! has said more than 500,000 copies of the game have been sold so far on Steam.

However, Eek! Games recently announced that the game is scheduled to leave Steam’s Early Access program in summer 2020, even if it is bumping up the game’s price to $25 US dollars in order to cover this final stage of development.

New features coming to the game include another female character to play as, better animations for the game’s intimate encounters and a finale for in-game character Vickie Vixen. Other characters like Derek and Frank will get additional stories, plus there’s also a “female POV playthrough style” which adds new twists and extra content to the game.

And although admittedly House Party might not be up everyone’s alley, those who are playing and enjoying House Party now, or were looking to pick up the game but were deterred by its Early Access status on Steam (or who are into this kind of adult video game) now have something to look forward to no doubt.

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