Dead Island 2 story DLC ‘Haus’ pits you against a Malibu cult


Dead Island 2 has been one of the top video game surprises of the year, a cool action game set during the zombie apocalypse in sunny Los Angeles.

The story’s not up to much, but the joy of killing zombies in gory ways has kept millions of players glued to their screens this year.

A sequel to 2011’s zombie hit Dead Island, the game is actually made by a different studio (Dambuster Studios instead of Techland, makers of last year’s Dying Light 2), and isn’t set on an island like its predecessor…

The game did get middling scores from critics on review aggregator site Metacritic though (73 out of 100 for the PS5 version) but for better or worse, it’s now getting a story expansion DLC.

This new DLC titled “Haus” takes place in a Malibu villa where a bunch of cultists have set up shop, led by a madman named Konstantin. And it looks like some pretty deranged stuff could be going on inside this Malibu villa judging by the teaser video below.

Also, the villa is a completely new location in the game.

“This nightmarish location serves as both a sanctuary and a machine to strip away flesh and harvest the soul. Players will weave through the deranged labyrinth of biomes where rational architecture is subverted by expanding narrative spaces”, according to the game’s press release.

So players might be facing some pretty tough horrors should they choose to get this DLC….

Thankfully, the expansion comes with a bunch of new weapons to help you fight the mass of zombies the cult will throw at you in this nightmare location. These include a powerful crossbow which will let you blow up zombies from a distance, and also several new “skill cards”. These cards add to players’ combat capabilities, making them more effective zombie-killing machines.

So, if a zombie gore fest is your cup of tea and you’ve enjoyed Dead Island 2 this year, then you might definitely want to keep Dead Island 2’s Haus story expansion on your radar when it releases on November 2 on consoles and PC.