Detroit: Become Human E3 2017 trailer shows how the rebellion got started


Ever since people first caught glimpse of Detroit: Become Human, this upcoming game by French studio Quantic Dream has become one of the most eagerly-anticipated PS4 exclusives around. After all, this will not only be a gorgeous-looking game judging by the trailers and preview videos we’ve seen so far, but Quantic Dream and lead designer David Cage sure have a knack for creating emotionally involving video game stories and great characters too.

Actually, like earlier games by the French studio, Detroit: Become Human will feature several playable characters, some of which we’ve already seen in the trailers that have been released for the game over the years. One of these is Kara, the female android who was the protagonist of Detroit: Become Human Paris Games Week preview back in 2015. Another is android hunter Connor, who was at the centre of one very intense trailer which was released last year.

And now the latest trailer for the game shown at this year’s E3 show lets us see the game’s events through the eyes of Marcus, and android who is not happy at all with the way his kin are treated in this futuristic society. You see, it turns out that androids are little more than slaves and are treated as property in Detroit: Become Human’s Blade Runner-esque world, but Marcus has something to say about that.

In the trailer above we see him lead a Planet of the Apes-like rebellion against the androids’ human oppressors, which ends up turning pretty violent. Although as was in the case in earlier Quantic Dream games, you will get to make plenty of choices throughout the game. Actually, as game director David Cage told Polygon, Detroit: Become Human has a script thousands of pages long, which took a year to pen and as long to film.

So this is a game which will feature plenty of replay value, due to the multiple paths that players can take in the game depending on the choices they make throughout. “There are entire branches of the story you may see or entirely miss depending on how you play. So there are characters who die the first time you meet them, or accompany you until the very end and become a very important character in your arc”, Cage said.

This can be seen in the trailer above, as at some point in it players will have a choice of taking a more violent approach during the android rebellion (by choosing to use an incendiary weapon), altering the flow of the story and potentially leading to the death of a key character. This won’t mean game over though, as designer David Cage has said before regarding Detroit’s gameplay that “if one of your characters die, you have to carry on playing, bearing the consequences of your actions”.

So this E3 2017 trailer certainly has made us ever more anxious to play Detroit: Become Human, a PS4 exclusive which sadly has no launch date yet. But this could turn out to be one of the biggest PS4 games in a long time, so we’ll keep you posted when more details about Quantic Dream eagerly-awaited adventure game become available.