E3 2016: The Top Highlights


The E3 show in the US city of Los Angeles not only gathered big crowds but was also a huge, media event worthy of the greatest video game show of the year. And not only did we get to see some truly promising video games at this year’s E3, but there was also a pretty big hardware reveal from Microsoft, and the announcement of several virtual reality games, suggesting VR could be the next big thing in gaming. Here follows a list of the top highlights at this year’s E3 show.

Project Scorpio


Most people expected Microsoft to announce a new, slimmer and lighter version of their Xbox One console at this year’s E3, and the Redmond giant did not disappoint and revealed the Xbox One S, a creamy white revision of the One that does away with the original console’s bulkiness while also supporting ultra-high definition (4K) video.

But what had most observers in disbelief was Xbox boss Phil Spencer’s announcement of “Project Scorpio”, a new, much more powerful console which will be released in late 2017. It will even trump Sony’s upcoming PS4 “Neo” when it comes to hardware specs. And although this is a bold move on Microsoft’s part, it remains to be seen whether power alone will be enough for the Redmond giant to turn the tide in the console war…

VR games

With the release of virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, and with Sony’s PlayStation VR on the horizon, clearly some might see virtual reality as the next big thing in gaming, so it makes sense that plenty of developers are jumping on the VR bandwagon.

And not only will the eagerly awaited Resident Evil 7 feature virtual reality support (it will be compatible with Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR headset), plus French video game company Ubisoft also announced their new Star Trek: Bridge Crew game, with the most noteworthy thing about this game based on the legendary sci-fi franchise being that it will be the first to offer a VR-based multiplayer experience. Also, Rocksteady Studios will be releasing a new VR Batman game, letting gamers play as the caped crusader in a virtual reality Gotham City.