Fallout: London gets new trailer, will release in 2023


It’s clear that many people are excited for Fallout: London. This is an ambitious mod for Fallout 4, which as its name indicates, is set in the city of London.

As most video game fans know, Fallout 4 is one of Bethesda’s best games, an RPG which takes place in the ruined city of Boston after a nuclear apocalypse. Like other role-playing games from Maryland-based Bethesda, this lets you create your own character, and then explore the game’s world to your heart’s content. There’s a main story to play through (which involves a search for the protagonist’s son), but in typical Bethesda faction there’s plenty of peripheral content and side quests to enjoy besides the main show.

And the upcoming Fallout: London, which recently got a new trailer, will deliver a similar experience, but in the city of London instead of Boston.

What’s interesting is that the typical factions found in Bethesda’s Fallout game won’t be present (this having a new setting and all), plus well-known enemies such as the Super Mutants won’t be roaming Fallout: London. Instead, you’ll be meeting new factions and opponents in the game’s London setting as the developers explain on the game’s website.

Fallout: London is a non-commercial project so it won’t cost anything and can be downloaded for free from its website on release date, which we now know from the trailer will be sometime in 2023. Sadly, Fallout: London is slated for a PC release and there are no plans for a console launch.

This being a mod for Fallout 4 means that Fallout 4 is required to play it, alongside all its DLC. So if your computer can run Fallout 4, it will most likely be able to handle Fallout: London too. And judging by the trailer above, this could turn out to be a great experience. Just exploring the new environments and encountering popular English landmarks such as the London Eye and Big Ben, and new characters and factions, could be a remarkable experience… And if there’s a great post-apocalyptic story to go with it, all the better.

The people behind Fallout: London say this Fallout 4 mod is “DLC-sized”, and that the game’s map will be as big as that of Fallout 4’s Boston. This will make it bigger than Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC then, and hopefully Fallout: London will be stuffed with as much high-quality content as the typical Bethesda game when it launches sometime next year.