Far Cry 6 leak reveals game details


The Far Cry series has sold millions of copies since its launch sixteen years ago, and while this first-person shooter series might not be up there with Call of Duty when it comes to popularity, the release of a new Far Cry game is always something of a big deal.

So it makes sense that fans of the series were elated when a leak emerging on Hong Kong’s PSN store (via Forbes) has revealed that Far Cry 6 will be launching next February.

Of course, leaks of this sort should always be taken with a pinch of salt, but it seemed sort of inevitable that Ubisoft would release another major Far Cry game sooner or later after 2018’s Far Cry 5 became the best-selling entry in the franchise by a mile.

This time, though, Far Cry will move to South America after the last two entries of the series had taken place in a desolate region of North America, Montana.

According to the leak, Far Cry 6 is set on the South American island of Yala, where a guerrilla group is trying to overthrow a corrupt dictator and his trigger-happy son.

The series has become famous over the years for featuring colorful, over the top villains, and it looks like Far Cry 6 will be no exception as the villain here will be played by actor Giancarlo Esposito, veteran of US TV shows such as Breaking Bad, while he recently also appeared on Disney’s The Mandalorian.

It remains to be seen whether the South American strongman played by Esposito will live up to previous Far Cry villains such as Far Cry 3’s Vaas (which was played by fellow actor Michael Mando) and Far Cry 4’s hard-hitting Pagan Min, which was voiced by renowned voice actor Troy Baker.

It’s clear that Far Cry 6 will have to be a terrific game in order to live up to the series’ best entries, particularly Far Cry 3 which arguably remains the series’ best game to date. Also, Far Cry 4’s and its terrific Himalayan setting and action likely still remain in many players’ minds, while Far Cry 5’s violent journey through Montana left few people disappointed in 2018.

It does remain to be seen whether players will be able to customize their character as in Far Cry 5 (picking a male or female character) or whether the game will have a set character like Far Cry 4’s Ajay Ghale. It would pretty much prefer the latter as having a generic protagonist robbed Far Cry 5’s story of some of its impact.

There’s not much more to wait in order to get additional details about Far Cry 6 though, as Ubisoft will be revealing more about it and other upcoming games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla during an online event on Sunday, July 12.

Note: Ubisoft has officially confirmed Far Cry 6 and Giancarlo Esposito’s involvement in the game with a teaser for Far Cry 6 earlier today.