A new Far Cry, Prince of Persia or Splinter Cell could be coming from Ubisoft before March next year


Ubisoft is one of the major players in the video game world, no doubt, and fans are definitely looking forward to the company’s upcoming games, including the eagerly anticipated Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion, amongst others.

The company has also been teasing another unannounced game for a while, once again referring to this new AAA game in the company’s most recent financial report, as was recently covered on GameSpot.

This has left people scratching their heads, wondering what this mystery unannounced game could be, which is slated to hit shelves before March 31, 2021.

And rumors have been brewing recently that the French video game company could be gearing up to release a new Prince of Persia game. Ubisoft itself has put the series back in the collective imagination of gamers thanks to the release of a VR Prince of Persia game earlier this year, and also through a crossover event in For Honor.

This more than suggests that Prince of Persia is once again part of Ubisoft’s plans, after the company had cancelled a major entry in the series back in 2010, footage of which recently emerged online.

However, the company’s upcoming, unannounced AAA game might not turn out to be more Prince of Persia after all. It’s just as likely that this could be Far Cry 6, the next instalment in the company’s best-selling first-person shooter series. After all, the earlier Far Cry 5 sold a ton at retail (and was also a superb game to boot), so the probability of Ubisoft putting out another Far Cry next year is pretty high no doubt.

It remains to be seen, though, what will be the setting and theme of Ubisoft’s next Far Cry game, but there is a possibility that the series’ iconic villain Vaas could be making a comeback in an upcoming Far Cry game, meaning this could be a prequel or spin-off to the superb Far Cry 3, something to look forward to for sure.

Of course, neither more Far Cry or Prince of Persia could be coming from Ubisoft in the months to come. Some suggest the French video game company could be getting ready to launch a new Splinter Cell, revisiting a franchise which has been dormant for almost seven years now. This would mean another game starring agent Sam Fisher could be with us before March 2021.

Whatever Ubisoft has in store for video game players remains a mystery, though, but whatever it is will hopefully be as good as the best games the company has delivered to date when it launches in the coming months.