Final Fantasy 15 game director expresses concern about adult mods on PC

The Final Fantasy series has garnered plenty of fans over the years, and millions of people worldwide have played the role-playing franchise since the first game hit shelves back in 1987. So it is no surprise then, that the latest game in the series Final Fantasy XV turned out to be a hit too, even if some commentators did not have nice things to say about Square Enix’s latest Final Fantasy game though.

The game shipped on PS4 and Xbox One in November 2016, and at the time publisher Square Enix had nothing to say about a PC version of the game, which left quite a few people in the PC gaming community feeling rather upset due to having missed out on one of the biggest games of the 2016 holiday season. Thankfully though, Square Enix recently announced that a PC version of the game is in the works, and will be hitting shelves early next year.

It’s been a long time coming then, but the team at Square Enix is looking to make up for the wait by offering PC gamers the definitive version of the game, especially when it comes to graphics. Actually, Final Fantasy XV on PC will have every single bell and whistle imaginable as can be seen in the trailer below, including support for 4K resolution and all sorts of fancy effects including advanced shadows, high quality ambient occlusion and realistic hair for the game’s characters.

More interesting though, is that this PC version of Final Fantasy XV will have full support for modding, letting players who want to get their hands dirty with a code editor or the Steam Workshop (which the game supports) change almost every aspect of the game to their hearts’ content.

And although many will welcome the freedom Square Enix will be giving PC players with their new Final Fantasy game, game director Hajime Tabata has already expressed concern that some people could take things a bit too far… You see, other video games which support modding like Skyrim or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt have their share of adult mods available, with many featuring nudity and even explicit sex.

This is surely something that must worry Final Fantasy XV’s creator, who said in an interview with PC Gamer that he doesn’t want things to be “taken a little too far”, hoping those who decide to mod the game show a little restraint and be “as controlled as possible”.

However, Tabata did issue a thinly-veiled threat, hinting that future Final Fantasy games would not be moddable should players end up producing too many inappropriate mods for Final Fantasy XV. Nonetheless Tabata still said that Square Enix doesn’t “want to put to many limitations on the types of mods that are going to be available”, and won’t be censoring any mods off the bat, including those that feature nudity.

So it would be a great thing if the PC version of Final Fantasy XV gave rise to a vibrant mod scene and that plenty of cool mods end up being released for Square Enix’s role-playing game. And hopefully most of these will be tasteful so that future Final Fantasy games on PC get to have mod support too.

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