Georgia and its leader Queen Tamar are coming to Civilization 6


It’s likely those who are still playing Civilization VI are looking forward to Rise and Fall, the first major expansion for Firaxis’ latest Civilization game.

Aside from making several tweaks and additions to Civilization’s gameplay formula, Rise and Fall also adds several new civs to the game.

The Netherlands, Korea, Mongolia, India and the Cree (which recently was the object of controversy as a tribe headman voiced his disapproval with the First Nation portrayal in the game) have already been announced by Firaxis, and the latest civ confirmed to be shipping with the Rise and Fall expansion is Georgia.

This is Georgia’s first appearance in a Civilization game, plus their leader Queen Tamar is the third female leader to feature in Rise and Fall too.

So, what makes Georgia special in Firaxis’ upcoming expansion for Civilization VI?

For starters, Georgia gains additional bonuses during Golden Ages, which makes it easier for this civ to profit from these, plus, this also makes it more likely that another Golden Age will trigger during the game.

Also, those pursuing a religious victory in Civilization VI will have an easier time playing as Georgia, as Queen Tamar’s civ gains extra Faith during the early turns of a Protectorate war too.

Plus, if your enemies are harassing your territory in the game you have the option of building Georgia’s unique city improvement, the Tsikhe. This is a replacement for the game’s generic Renaissance walls, and give you Faith points as well.

Of course, those who think that attack is the best form of defence can hit back at their enemies with Georgia’s unique military unit (the Khevsureti). This melee unit fights tougher on hilly terrain, plus it ignores all movement penalities too, letting you seize territory fast when playing as Georgia (which is great if conquest is your thing in a game of Civilization VI).

Here’s hoping, then, that Georgia will be as entertaining to play as the other civs featured in the Rise and Fall expansion, and that this turns out to be a worthy one after past disappointments (remember Gods and Kings anyone?), something we will know for sure when Rise and Fall is released early next month.

Note: Civilization VI: Rise and Fall will be released on February 8, 2018. Available on PC.