Here’s what’s coming next to Assassin’s Creed Origins


Without question, Assassin’s Creed Origins was one of the top games to hit shelves in 2017, an epic adventure set in ancient Egypt with a charismatic protagonist, and loads of open-world gameplay to enjoy.

It also sold quite a bit better than its predecessor Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, so it’s likely the bigwigs at French video game publisher Ubisoft were smiling from ear to ear last year. And Assassin’s Creed fans who loved Origins will too have reasons to be pleased, given that there’s more content coming to the game this month.

Amongst other things, January will see the release of the Hidden Ones DLC, which owners of the game will be able to purchase at a yet undisclosed price. The Hidden Ones DLC is included with the game’s season pass, though, so you won’t have to shell out for the expansion if you purchased a version of the game which includes the season pass, such as the Gold Edition or any other of the more expensive editions of the game which Ubisoft put out last fall.

This includes another big chunk of story to wade through taking place in an entirely new region of Egypt, plus it will also be possible to reach level 45 while playing the Hidden Ones, meaning this DLC will sure let you become a force to be reckoned with in ancient Egypt.

Aside from the Hidden Ones expansion, there’s also some free content coming to the game this month. For starters, Ubisoft will be releasing a new quest for the game. Additionally, you will now be able to sell outfits at weaver shops, which is something you might welcome if you have been carrying a lot of useless gear around in your travels, and want to lighten the load…

Also, it will be possible to fight the gods Anubis and Sobek again starting on January 9, certainly good news if you missed going toe to toe against these titans last year.

Those looking to spend in-game cash will also be happy to know that the Heka chests offered by merchant Reda in the game will now contain even more unique items. Also, Ubisoft will be releasing new packs containing in-game items starting with the Almighty Pack on January 16, which is great if you are looking to pick up even more gear for protagonist Bayek in the game.

So, there’s certainly quite a bit to look forward to this month if you’re an Assassin’s Creed fan then, although it remains to be seen whether the upcoming Hidden Ones expansion will be up to scratch, as this sort of video game DLC rarely lives up to the content featured in the main game. Either way, stay tuned to this website for our review of the Hidden Ones DLC and other upcoming Ubisoft games later this year.