Hitman 2 trailer showcases Colombian jungle level


Hitman’s 2016 entry left many speechless due to its large, detailed levels, attention to detail and gameplay possibilities. It was certainly one of the best games to come out that year, and surely a highlight in the long-running series.

And now IO Interactive is currently at work on a sequel to the classy 2016 game, which is due to hit shelves this fall. This new Hitman entry will feature six new levels set in locations all over the world as its predecessor did.

IO already showcased Hitman 2’s Miami race track level in a series of trailers earlier this year, while the Danish developer has now put out another trailer giving us a sneak peek at the Colombian jungle level in its upcoming game.

This location is interesting because while there are a few buildings scattered about, it’s likely most of the action will take place outdoors, meaning this will be different from the levels featured in the 2016 game in which most of the killing took place indoors.

It remains to be seen, though, whether Hitman 2 will shine like the earlier game did and be a fun murder sandbox with tremendous replay value as the 2016 game was.

There’s not so much to wait now as the game will be released this fall, so here’s hoping this is another Hitman game people will be talking about for a long time and a match for the series’ best entries too.

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