Hungary is a new, war-like civ coming to Civilization 6


The Civilization games have been around for yonks now, and its hard to argue that the latest entry in the franchise (number six) is anything less than a strategy masterpiece. And as was the case with the previous games in the series, the people behind Civilization are now working on an expansion pack for the game, which is coming next month.

This is the second expansion for the game, and its titled “Gathering Storm”, an appropriate name taking into account that natural disasters will feature in the game. These include volcanoes and floods, while this upcoming expansion for Civilization VI will also add several new civilizations (civs for short) to the game.

The likes of the Inca and Sweden are coming in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, but what’s interesting is that new civs like Hungary will also be joining the roster.

Hungary is led by Matthias Corvinus, a guy who according to Firaxis’ briefing video below was quite unpopular due to taxing his citizens a bit too high, but is a folk hero in the country nonetheless…

Hungary gains an interesting bonus in the game, and this is the fact that any buildings or districts you construct across a river from a city centre are built more quickly, meaning settling on river tiles could give you an advantage when playing as the Hungarians in the game.

Hungary also gets thermal baths instead of zoos in the game, which grant amenities and production in the city in which they are built. Plus, if there’s a geothermal fissure within the city’s borders, you can benefit even more from thermal baths (for whatever reason).

And if you enjoy kicking ass in a game of Civilization, you’ll be glad to know that the Hungarians are well equipped to do that too. They get a unit cavalry unit (the Huszár) which gets stronger with each active alliance you’ve got, so it would be a wise idea to gather allies before going to war when playing as Hungary in the game.

Also, levied units cost nothing to upgrade and they get bonuses too, while Hungary’s other unique unit (the Black Army) becomes stronger in the presence of levied units, so you might want to rely on these during your wars of conquest in the game.

Militaristic players might enjoy playing as Hungary in the game then, while it’s also clear that Civilization VI’s Gathering Storm expansion could improve the game no end when it comes out next month, meaning this is an expansion Civilization players worldwide will be looking forward to no doubt.

Note: Civilization VI: Gathering Storm will be released on February 14, 2019. Available on PC.