Intel Core i9-13900K could be the best processor ever, destroys AMD’s finest in leaked benchmarks


As PC technology fans and gamers know, technology company Intel is getting ready to launch its new line of processors this fall. The Santa Clara company’s 13th generation chips (codenamed “Raptor Lake”) will probably be announced next month, followed by a launch sometime this October.

Raptor Lake processors will succeed the 12th gen (“Alder Lake”) processors currently in the market, and will also feature a “hybrid” architecture like Alder Lake.

The 13th gen flagship processor, the Core i9-13900K, will feature 8 performance cores and 16 energy-efficient cores, for a total of 24 cores which can handle 32 threads (the performance cores can handle 2 computing threads, while the efficient cores can handle only 1).

The Core i9-13900K is a step up from Intel’s current flagship chip, the i9-12900K, which has a total of 16 cores (8 performance and 8 efficient cores).

And recent leaked benchmarks have showed the impact of these extra cores, while more recent Geekbench and Cinebench benchmarks show that the i9-13900K not only outdoes its predecessor, but also crushes AMD’s finest processors too…

Actually, the i9-13900K scored 2,212 points in a leaked Geekbench benchmark, beating AMD’s flagship chip, the Ryzen 9 5950X, by a whopping 40 % in the single core test as was recently reported on The Raptor Lake chip also beat the i9-12900K by 15 % in this test.

The i9-13900K was also close to 63 % faster than the Ryzen 9 5950X in the multicore test – another superb result, while it edged out Intel’s current flagship i9-12900K by 49 % in this test too, scoring an impressive 25,497 points in the multicore test.

Equally impressive is the i9-13900K’s performance in Cinebench, in which Intel’s upcoming processor scores 2,277 in the single core component of this benchmark. This means that the i9-13900K is a whopping 41 % quicker than the Ryzen 9 5950X, and 13 % faster than the i9-12900K.

And with a score of 39,086 points in the multicore part of the Cinebench benchmark, the i9-13900K is almost 50 % faster than the Ryzen 9 5950X. It’s also close to 50 % faster than the i9-12900K.

The tests were carried out using an ASRock Z690 motherboard fitted with 32 GB of memory, although it is not known whether the CPU was tested using DDR5 or not. Maybe the i9-13900K will perform better on a newer Z790 board (which are yet to be released), and with faster DDR5 memory (if it was actually tested with the latest DDR memory).

What’s clear, though, is that Intel has seemingly improved multicore performance in its upcoming 13th gen processor line by quite a lot – the gains will likely be impressive across the board if this Core i9-13900K benchmarks are anything to go by.

This processor could also be a thorn on AMD’s side come this fall, because if this numbers are confirmed, Intel’s upcoming flagship CPU could be the best consumer processor ever (when it comes to raw speed, at least). Of course, it remains to be seen what AMD, which is gearing up to release its Ryzen 7000 CPUs, brings to the table, but it’s clear that PC gamers and enthusiasts will have plenty of choice when it comes to buying a new processor come this fall.

Geekbench 5 benchmark result (Primate Labs)
Intel logo (Intel Corporation)