Konami strikes P.T. demo remake down, brings creator under its wing


If one thing is clear, is that the P.T. demo for Konami’s Silent Hills game caused a sensation in summer 2014: it was a dark, creepy teaser for what could have been a phenomenal horror game.

Sadly, though, this new entry in the Silent Hill series never materialized, leaving some wondering whether this could have been the best game in the franchise to date.

Since then, Hideo Kojima, the Japanese ace designer who was to direct the game, has moved to greener pastures, and is now working on his highly anticipated Death Stranding game, which is slated to hit the PS4 sometime next year.

However, even if Silent Hills never came to fruition, many thought we would still be able to enjoy the P.T. demo forever, but sadly Konami decided to take it off the PlayStation Network in mid 2015, leaving many gamers yet to play the little horror masterpiece frustrated and dumbfounded to say the least…

It seemed though, that players would get another chance to play the demo thanks to the hard work of one enterprising user who had been busy recreating the demo on PC for the fun and pleasure of Silent Hill fans worldwide.

The project was moving at a swift pace, with a new version of the P.T. demo remake being released this July, much to the delight of horror video game fans everywhere… Sadly, though, Konami had caught eye of the demo, and perhaps because it was such a close recreation of the 2014 original, has taken action for it to be removed from its download location at GameJolt, effectively putting an end to the project as reported on GameSpot.

It’s not all tears for its young creator though (who apparently devoted a whopping 180 hours to the project) as allegedly he’s been offered an internship at Japanese gaming giant Konami itself, meaning a future career in the video game industry could be in the making here.

Here’s hoping the best for him then, and also that Konami has other plans for the Silent Hill franchise beyond Pachinko machines too, something we’ll discover in due time I’m sure…