New Fallout 76 update to add backpacks and more


Fallout 76 launched last year, but did not receive the critical acclaim that other Bethesda games have gotten thus far. This certainly wasn’t the superb post-apocalyptic adventure that its predecessor Fallout 4 was, but a something of a failed experiment on Bethesda’s part to turn Fallout into an online multiplayer game.

Thankfully, the Maryland-based developer has listened to some of the criticisms levied at Fallout 76, and has endeavoured to make the game better via a series of patches which have been released since the game’s launch back in November last year.

Also, Bethesda is promising several major updates to the game this year, including the already released Wild Appalachia update, while the game will also be getting an entirely new main quest later this year too.

Coming sooner is the game’s “Ever Upwards!” update, which amongst other things adds backpacks to the game. If you were ever frustrated by the maximum carry weight in Fallout 76 and had to leave items behind, backpacks are a handy way of increasing carrying capacity, as Bethesda explains on its website. This also show in-game as seen in the image above, and can be customized to add a touch of class to your Fallout 76 character.

Additionally, backpacks can be fitted with mods, which amongst other things increase carrying capacity, damage resistance, and refrigeration so that any food you take with you on your adventures in the West Virginia wasteland will last longer.

To get hold of a backpack in the game, you first have to join a new faction called the Pioneer Scouts, which according to Bethesda can be done by checking out the posters found at Trains Stations across the game’s setting of Appalachia. Being part of the Scouts also allows you to earn badges and advance in rank by performing in-game activities such as cooking and archery, amongst others.

Fallout 76’s “Ever Upwards” update is scheduled to go live on May 7, so here’s hoping this will help enliven Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic game as more Fallout 76 updates arrive throughout the year.

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