Rage 2 gets its first gameplay trailer – watch it here


Having released new entries for some of its best-known video game franchises in recent years, Bethesda is now hard at work on a sequel to one of the biggest, most hyped up games of 2011.

Actually, the Maryland-based studio recently released an announcement trailer for Rage 2, an over the top, colourful live action trailer which certainly ranks amongst this year’s most eye-catching video game promos, and gives us a clear idea of what this sequel to 2011’s Rage could be about.

Bethesda also put out a gameplay trailer (see below), showing that Rage 2 will boast open-world gameplay, first-person action and vehicular gameplay, plus huge enemies and big guns to boot too…

Looking at this gameplay video, it’s hard not to notice this looks like a cross between Mad Max (the game features an apocalyptic wasteland setting) and Doom (the frantic first-person action is reminiscent of 2016’s Doom reboot for sure).

This is not surprising taking into account Rage 2 is being developed by both Avalanche Studios and id Software. The former was behind 2015’s Mad Max game, a solid open-world title based on George Miller’s movies which nonetheless was considered a disappointment by many, while the latter studio was widely praised for their spectacular 2016 reboot of the Doom franchise.

It is still early days though, and it remains to be seen whether Rage 2 will end up being a success when it ships in Spring 2019, and manages to erase peoples’ memories of the original game, which was a disappointment to say the least. But still, if this ends up being another strong Bethesda release like 2016’s Doom and last year’s Prey were, video game fans will surely be in for a treat when Rage 2 ships next year.