A Monster Hunter movie with Milla Jovovich begins shooting this year


Monster Hunter World has been one of this year’s top video games so far, as Capcom’s latest entry in the Monster Hunter franchise has gotten glowing reviews from critics, while the Japanese publisher revealed earlier this year that the game has shifted millions of copies too.

And given the game’s popularity, it does seem like a good time to put out a Monster Hunter movie, and as a matter of fact one will begin shooting this September as was recently reported on Variety (via GameSpot).

What’s most interesting about this film is that Paul W. S. Anderson will be at the helm for this movie adaptation of the renowned video game series. This is a man that needs no introduction as he was behind the phenomenal Resident Evil movies, and also behind other good video game adaptations such as 1995’s Mortal Kombat.

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Anderson will be reunited with Hollywood star Milla Jovovich for this Monster Hunter movie, while the movie will be produced by German outfit Constantin Film, which also produced Anderson’s Resident Evil films.

“Paul has proven over and over he does stylish movies. It’s one of his big strong points. He can make a movie look good, is very much into visuals”, said Constatin boss Martin Moszkowicz.

The man also said his company hopes to turn this into a movie series, although it remains to be seen how successful the first Monster Hunter movie, which begins shooting this September, will be.

It’s hard to think this will be a flop though, as most of Anderson’s films, from Aliens vs Predator to Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, have been box office successes.

And it also appears the video game curse (the unwritten law which says movie adaptations of video games are never any good) is less of a problem these days, with recent video game films like Tomb Raider and Rampage being better reviewed than expected.

Here’s hoping then, that the upcoming Monster Hunter movie does live up to the hype, and turns out to be a video game film worth watching from beginning to end when it hits theatres sometime in the future.

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