Reinhardt stars in latest Overwatch animated short


If one thing is clear, is that Overwatch has been one of the most successful multiplayer online games in recent times. This is in no small part due to its colourful roster of characters, varied maps and emphasis on quick, exciting matches, making it an easy game to pick up and play but difficult to master.

Truth be told, though, some players have bemoaned the lack of a single player campaign or story mode in Blizzard’s 2016 hit. Although much to its credit, Blizzard has been releasing a series of videos which shed light on the game’s world and its characters. These animated shorts have not only been superbly entertaining, but actually rival anything that Disney or Pixar might come up with, and they are certainly a treat to watch too no doubt.

Blizzard released animated shorts focusing on characters like Soldier: 76, Tracer and Shimada last year, and the latest one is all about one of the top heroes available to play as in Overwatch. This is none other than Reinhardt, the Crusader with the mighty hammer whose charge and barrier abilities make him a force to contend with on the battlefield.

But Blizzard’s latest animated short (titled “For Honor and Glory”) shows how a cocky and overconfident Reinhardt meets his match during a battle with the Omnics. This video also explains where the armour at the Eichenwalde map came from, and what’s inside it too…

So this is definitely a must watch short for Overwatch fans, then, and it would no doubt be a great thing is Blizzard kept adding to Overwatch’s story and lore with more of these fantastic animated shorts in the future.