You can get Watch Dogs for free until November 13


Despite the fact that it was outshined by its bigger, brighter and overall better sequel, there is no doubt that Watch Dogs is one of the better GTA clones to have been released to date.

Actually, the game boasts an enormous open world and a decent cast of characters, even if protagonist Aidan Pierce clearly isn’t the most charismatic video game character we have seen to date.

The game does have good, hacking-based gameplay, letting you perform clever tricks like remote-controlling cars, using security cameras to your advantage and even make grenades go off in enemies’ pockets… Watch Dogs also put an emphasis on stealth in its missions, which was certainly a nice touch, although those who enjoy a more direct approach will also find that the shooting in this game isn’t bad either.

It’s a good thing, then, that Ubisoft is giving the game away on PC starting today until November 13, giving you a chance to try this pretty good GTA-style game. In order to claim your free copy of the game you need to visit this page, and register for a Uplay account if you don’t already have one.

So, the fact Ubisoft is offering a free copy of Watch Dogs is something that will please fans of GTA-style games, and should tide players over until Watch Dogs 3 or Rockstar’s highly-anticipated GTA 6 hit shelves sometime in the future.

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