Watch Dogs 2 big patch changes ending, hints at London setting for next instalment


There surely was a lot to like about Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft’s open-world video game released last November, as this sequel managed to improve on the original in almost every way. It did not sell as well as 2014’s Watch Dogs though, as gamers burned by the original’s half-baked ideas and dull protagonist decided to skip the sequel, while the truth is that a game like Watch Dogs 2 has to live in the shadow of the mighty GTA V, a game it borrows most of its ideas from, being the GTA clone it is.

But those who have enjoyed Watch Dogs 2 open-world San Francisco setting and hacking gameplay will no doubt be pleased by the fact that Ubisoft has continued to support the game, releasing a series of patches, the latest of which adds new clothing and areas, and also alters the game’s ending.

(Note: spoilers follow about Watch Dogs 2’s ending)

These new features and additions might not be anything to get excited about though, but the new extended ending sure is intriguing enough. This is because it features a recorded conversation between two anonymous men, with the title of said recording obviously being a set of coordinates. And as IGN points out, these are the coordinates of the Brixton area in London, which could be Ubisoft’s way of teasing the location of the next instalment of the series.

Does this mean, then, that a Watch Dogs game set in London is coming our way in the future? Or could this be the location of Watch Dogs 2 upcoming DLC? While it’s not impossible that Watch Dogs 2’s DLC could be set in London instead of San Francisco, a London-set Watch Dogs 3 cannot be ruled out, as this is not the first time that Ubisoft has given clues about the location of one of its future video games.

Actually, the did this back in 2011 in their Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood video game, as one of the game’s locations contained several symbols that suggested future games could be set in America and France, as indeed turned out to be the case.

So another Watch Dogs 3 game taking place in a London setting might be a possibility then, but for the time being gamers can still enjoy Watch Dogs 2 and its upcoming DLC, while Assassin’s Creed fans can also look forward to the next Assassin’s Creed game which could be seeing a release in late 2017.

Watch Dogs 2 (Ubisoft Entertainment)