This renowned horror franchise is now a property of THQ Nordic


Back in the early 90’s, developer Infogrames released a game which changed the gaming landscape forever.

That game is Alone in the Dark, a survival horror adventure and renowned classic that those who played it back then (yours truly included) still have fond memories of.

Alone in the Dark also boasted cutting edge graphics for the time, and was actually the first game in the genre to boast 3D visuals.

Plus, this was also a cracking game with a great atmosphere, gameplay and a story in which protagonist Edward Carnby had to figure a way out of the Louisianan haunted mansion he had found himself trapped in.

Of course, people might gaze in horror at the polygonal graphics and lacklustre backdrops these days, but this is still a classic that deserves its place in gaming history, no doubt.

So, it’s definitely good news that publisher THQ Nordic decided to acquire the Alone in the Dark franchise as it recently announced on Twitter, meaning we might be getting more games in this iconic video game series soon enough.

Because no matter how great the original 1992 game was, more recent entries in the franchise have left a lot to be desired, particularly Alone in the Dark: Illumination, one of the worst games to see a release in 2015 (and the less is said of 2005’s dismal Alone in the Dark movie, the better…).

And while the prospect of more Alone in the Dark games sure is exciting, it’s also a good thing that THQ snapped up the rights to Kingdom’s of Amalur recently, plus its acquisition of Saints Row publisher Koch Media earlier this year could spell good things for the gaming industry in the near future as well.

For the time being, though, it’s nice to know that Alone in the Dark is now in good hands, and that the franchise might now have a bright future ahead of it too.