Rockstar updates ban policy, clamps down on GTA Online cheating


Few would argue that Rockstar’s GTA Online has become a phenomenon like no other and has made the American video game company an inordinate amount of money to date. It’s also the reason why we haven’t seen any single player DLC for Rockstar’s best-selling GTA V, as it seems players are too busy having fun with its multiplayer component, which has been updated regularly since its launch back in 2013.

But it appears that some members of the game’s playerbase are not playing by the rules, and have resorted to cheats and exploits to get the upper hand in the cutthroat streets of Los Santos… You see, some players have been cheating and using exploits to fatten their bank account, amassing billions of in-game money with which they have been buying many of the top-tier gear and vehicles in the game.

Of course, cheating like this has been rampant in other multiplayer games like The Division (a game for which players have come up with quite a few exploits), but now Rockstar has decided to both tighten its ban policy, and also make an example of players who have been resorting to cheats and exploits, and PC mods, to fill their virtual pockets.

Actually, one disgruntled user tweeted that his in-game account had been adjusted by more than $100 billion after Rockstar began clamping down on these exploits, according to Kotatu. And the company’s new ban policy sure is more strict, as a first infraction will get players a suspension for a specific amount of time, while a second infraction will get them kicked out of GTA Online for good according to Rockstar. Also, those players returning after a suspension will have all their progress in the game completely erased…

It’s not a bad thing, though, that Rockstar is levelling the playing field for all by dealing with those who don’t play by the rules in this way, but hopefully most players will just have a trouble-free time enjoying the great multiplayer game GTA Online has become over the years.