Rumor: An Until Dawn remaster for PC and PS5 could be announced soon


Fans of horror games surely remember Until Dawn, the PS4 hit from 2015. Set in a mountain cabin in a remote location in the US, the game had you controlling multiple characters who could each live or die depending on your choices throughout the game. It’s one of the best games released for PS4 to date, and arguably one of the best games of the 2010s decade too.

And luckily for those yet to experience Until Dawn, the horror game is seemingly coming to PC and PS5 according to recent rumors.

This is according to a leaker who goes by the handle billbil-kun, who writing for French magazine Dealabs, has said that Supermassive Games are working on a new edition of the game. An announcement could be coming in 15 days as was recently reported on Eurogamer.

It’s not clear yet, though, whether this new version of the game could be a remaster or remake of the game, but it may have been in the works for quite some time now.

This is because more recent news suggests that a third-party studio (Virtuos) could be handling this new version of Until Dawn, as a LinkedIn profile belonging to a former employee says he was working on an Until Dawn game until March 2020, supposedly this remaster or remake (via wccftech).

Until Dawn, which featured the likes of Rami Malek and Hayden Panettiere, is getting a movie as well, so it wouldn’t be surprising if a new, upgraded version of the game is in the works, and likely shipping this year too. Sony has been promoting its first-party games with the release of small and big screen adaptations of PlayStation games (as it did with The Last of Us), so releasing a new Until Dawn game together with the upcoming movie makes sense as Eurogamer points out.

And whether this could end up being a remaster or remake, the former is more likely. A remaster would obviously require less work, plus if a third-party studio is behind it, it’s most certainly a remaster if it’s not Supermassive themselves behind development. And since the game never may it to PC in the first place, a remastered version hitting the PC would be big news anyway, and fit in with Sony’s strategy of slowly porting its big-name exclusives to the platform.

Also, a remake with the original cast seems unlikely. Almost a decade after Until Dawn now, the original actors wouldn’t look right playing teenagers anymore (plus it’s likely Oscar winner Rami Malek has other commitments and wouldn’t take part in an Until Dawn remake?).

But still, the original game was an exhilarating mix of exploration, adventure, action and horror, and I will definitely be looking forward to an announcement of a remastered version, if one does take place in the near future.

Update: An enhanced version of Until Dawn has now been officially announced for PS5 and PC, and will arrive in 2024 according to Sony.

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