Rumor: new Far Cry games in the works at Ubisoft, including a multiplayer spin-off


Millions of gamers the world over are familiar with the Far Cry series, as it has delivered stunning first-person action over the years.  It can be argued, though, that each Far Cry game since 2012’s superb Far Cry 3 has been a bit too similar to the other, each sticking to the same formula.

But who can blame Ubisoft (the company behind the games) for sticking to a winning formula, even if the latest game in the series Far Cry 6 did not manage to beat its predecessor when it came to sales back in 2021.

Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that more Far Cry games are in the pipeline. Much like Ubisoft is gearing up to release new Assassin’s Creed games in 2023 and beyond, several new Far Cry games are seemingly in development at Ubisoft studios, including a multiplayer spin-off of the series.

This is according to website Insider Gaming (via PC Gamer) which claims that this upcoming multiplayer Far Cry will be set in Alaska, and take the form of an extraction shooter.

“The game is pitched as being set in the Alaskan wilderness and is currently an extraction-based shooter with mechanics such as permadeath, a backpack system, contracts, and more”, according to the website’s sources.

And it makes sense for Ubisoft to be working on a multiplayer live service game set in the Far Cry universe, especially taking into account what a success their Rainbow Six Siege game has been. Also, extraction shooters like Escape from Tarkov are pretty popular right now as PC Gamer points out.

Apparently there’s also another mainline Far Cry game in development, but no details of it have been revealed yet, and Ubisoft is not commenting on the rumors or making any announcements just yet, so Far Cry fans will have to wait for the details.

This new mainline game (Far Cry 7?) will likely stick to the series’ winning formula, meaning there will almost certainly be another colorful villain to deal with in some remote location in the world. The setting might very well be the same as that of the multiplayer instalment (Alaska that is) but my gut feeling tells me Ubisoft will pick a different location for its mainline instalment.

There’s also the fact that Ubisoft appears to be switching to a new game engine for the new Far Cry games, finally ditching its old Dunia graphics engine, which had powered every Far Cry game since 2008’s Far Cry 2. Ubisoft will instead employ its Snowdrop engine for the upcoming Far Cry games and also its upcoming Star Wars game as reported on Kotaku.

Either way, it’s definitely good news for Far Cry fans that more Far Cry games are on the way, even if they might still be a while away from release. Hopefully, though, we’ll hear from Ubisoft about these upcoming Far Cry games sooner rather than later.