Redfall gets release date, new gameplay video


One of the most anticipated games of 2023 finally has a release date. It was revealed during Microsoft’s Xbox showcase that Arkane Studios’ Redfall will be releasing on May 2 this year, although as most people already know this will be an Xbox Series X/S exclusive, which will also be available on PC.

French studio Arkane is also one of the premier developers out there, being behind top games such as Dishonored and Deathloop, a game of the year candidate back in 2021.

What makes Redfall different, though, is the fact that it will be an open-world game unlike Arkane Studios’ past releases. It involves a group of vampire hunters trying to reclaim the haunted streets of Redfall, a location in Massachusetts. But despite the fact that this has been compared to the likes of Left 4 Dead, the company has previously said that this will play like an open-world shooter in the vein of Ubisoft’s Far Cry games.

Of course, those looking forward to playing Redfall when it launches this year will want to take a look at the latest gameplay video (see below) which should give prospective players a taste of what to expect from Arkane’s upcoming game.

According to the studio, the game features “a lovingly detailed open world”, which represents its “largest setting ever”. So there will be plenty of ground to cover and places to explore in Redfall, then, as you go on a hunt to take down vampires of all kinds.

Watching the video, though, Redfall doesn’t exactly look cutting edge – there’s nothing special here when it comes to graphics and especially interiors are not as detailed when compared to other recent games of its ilk.

The game does have four player co-op multiplayer, even if the campaign can be played solo. The game also boasts all sort of weapons and the action seems frenetic judging by the video, it definitely should be fun to take out vampire nests together with a group of friends as seen at some point in this gameplay video.

There’s not that long to wait, though, in order to find out if Arkane Studios’ can deliver another superb game, and get the multiplayer and open-world aspects of Redfall right. But judging by the studios’ track record this is definitely one game to watch out for when it arrives on May 2 this year, that’s for sure.