Saints Row 2 is getting patched on PC ten years later


The Saints Row games have offered a worthy alternative to Rockstar’s GTA series over the years. Compared to the deadly serious tone of games like GTA IV, Saints Row’s settings and stories are wackier and more humorous. For instance, the latest game in the series (part 4) had players saving the Earth from an alien invasion while playing as the president of the USA…

And Saints Row 2 surely was a worthy entry in the franchise, even if it failed to make much of an impact back in 2009, it being overshadowed but Rockstar’s magnum opus GTA IV. But still, players fond of Saints Row 2 will be happy to know that the game is getting patched on PC more than a decade after its release, as was recently reported on VG247.

This is a good thing taking into account that the PC version of Saints Row 2 was something of a mess at launch – much like the PC port of console classic Dark Souls, it did not run well on the PC platform, meaning many users had to resort to mods to get the damn thing working properly on their machines.

Thankfully, developer Volition is now patching the game into shape, rejigging the game’s audio and graphics for a better play experience. Aside from support for higher resolutions, draw distances will also be improved on PC.

Hopefully, all of the port’s nasty bugs will be ironed out as well, and compatibility improved too so that this can run on modern Windows 10 PCs. Meanwhile, the non-functional multiplayer via GameSpy will be replaced by Steamworks support, so those hungry for some online co-op will be able to get their fix again.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the patched-up Saints Row 2 will be released as if it were a new edition of the game on Steam, even though those who already own the game on Valve’s platform will be getting the new, fixed Saints Row 2 for free. And this will surely be something to look forward to for fans of open-world crime games a la GTA, so hopefully game makers Volition won’t take too long to deliver this updated version of Saints Row 2 to PC gamers.

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