Sean Bean’s voice will be heard in Civilization 6


Few video games have managed to offer what the Civilization series by American developer Firaxis has, as Civilization is arguably the best turn-based strategy video game series to date. These games put players in control of a human civilization, guiding it from the era of cavemen to the Internet Age, engaging in diplomacy with other nations and going to war when all else fails.

Also, one of the key components of the game is researching new technologies like the wheel, in order for the player’s civilization to progress and to get an advantage over those pesky rival nations too. And when players researched a new technology in earlier Civilization games the game’s narrator read a quote from history, adding weight to the player’s accomplishment. For instance, upon researching economics in Civilization V players would hear Einstein’s witty remark that “compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe”.

Actor Sean Bean of Game of Thrones fame will be lending his voice to Firaxis’ Civilization VI.


These readings were done by well-known actors in the earlier Civilization games, for instance Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame read these quotes in 2005’s Civilization IV, while renowned actor Sean Bean will be lending his voice to Firaxis’ next game and doing these readings in the upcoming Civilization VI , according to gaming website PC Gamer.

This is not the first time that Sean Bean has voiced a video game character, as he played the character of Martin Septim in the classic role-playing game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. And although we had already heard Bean’s voice in Civilization VI’s announcement trailer, now we know that we’ll be hearing him in-game too, delivering lines like “sometimes the wheel turns slowly, but it does turn” when the player’s civilization learns about the wheel, for instance…

It is clear that Sean Bean’s narration could help make Civilization VI an even more engaging game to play, and hopefully this eagerly awaited game will turn out to be one of the year’s best when it debuts this fall.

Note: Civilization VI will be released on October 21, 2016. Available on PC and Mac.