Civilization VI announcement trailer and release date revealed


There is no doubt that legendary video game designer Sid Meier built his reputation on his legendary Civilization series, which has been going strong since the first game launched way back in 1991. And now Sid Meier’s video game company Firaxis has announced that Civilization VI, the latest entry in this long-running series, will be released on October 21 this year.

Firaxis also released a classy trailer (see above) to whet player’s appetites for the game, which features the voice of renowned English actor Sean Bean. This is not the first time that celebrity actors have done voice work for the Civilization series, as Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy provided the intro narration and read historical quotes when players discovered new technologies in 2005’s Civilization IV.

It remains to be seen whether Civilization’s classic formula of building cities, researching new technologies and going to war with neighbouring nations will still be appealing in 2016, although this upcoming game promises deeper strategy and more involved city building amongst other things.

It is certainly remarkable, though, that a 25 year old video game franchise can still generate so much excitement, and hopefully Sid Meier and co. will deliver another great entry in the series this fall.

Note: Civilization VI will be released on October 21, 2016. Available on PC.