Doom’s launch trailer shows fast-paced action and big guns


Back in the early 90’s, id Software’s Doom games single-handedly made the first-person action genre popular, becoming bona fide video game classic in the process. These games were known for their fast-paced, bloody action and big guns, and it looks like Bethesda’s upcoming Doom reboot will be just as intense, judging by the game’s launch trailer below.

Actually this new Doom game is rated M for Mature in the US (and PEGI 18 in the UK) due to its violent content, and there’s no shortage of big guns, exploding demons and blood in the trailer (at some point the game’s marine protagonist even slices an enemy in half using a chainsaw), but this is Doom, after all.

The original game was controversial as it was linked to a high school shooting in the US, and was considered one of the most violent games made at the time. Although Bethesda’s Doom reboot has also been controversial, but due to a different matter altogether: the fact that many commentators thought the game’s cover was bland and boring, and not fit for a fast-paced and violent game such as this one.

But still, those looking forward to navigating the blood-soaked corridors of the UAC Mars station and putting down demons as a badass space marine using Doom’s classic weapons like the double-barrelled shotgun have id Software’s reboot to look forward to. And here’s hoping that this game delivers a great experience to both Doom purists and new players when it releases on Friday this week.

Note: Doom will be released on May 13, 2016. Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.