Sex doll manufacturer to make $375 special edition of Inside, pre-orders until June 8

There have been several weird special editions of video games over the years, truth be told. For instance, Call of Duty: Black Ops III came bundled with a refrigerator, while the Fallout Anthology collection even featured a nuke (not a real one, of course…).

But in what could be one of the strangest partnerships to date though, sex doll manufacturer RealDoll has teamed up with Playdead to release a special edition of their hit video game Inside.

Inside surely was one of 2016’s top games, a haunting platform and puzzle game that managed to tell an interesting story despite the fact that not a single word is uttered in the game. Of course, the game’s protagonist could die in often gruesome ways, but obviously this is as far removed from being an adult game as it gets, if you know what I mean…

This makes Playdead’s partnership with RealDoll even more, err… strange, plus also the fact that the company is refusing to reveal what’s “inside” the box save the PS4 game disc and Steam codes for Inside and Limbo included with this special edition (which is selling on and retails for a hefty $375 US dollars) the remainder of the package is a mystery.

“We will NOT tell you what it is. Maybe it’s what you’re thinking… maybe not. We can confirm that there are several items included, one of which is a PlayStation 4 game disc. The rest is up for speculation”, reads the item description on Iam8bit’s website.

If this kind of video game special edition tickles you fancy though, time is now running out to pre-order as this is a time-limited offer which expires on June 8. Here’s hoping that whatever Playdead and RealDoll are including in this package truly is worth the hefty price tag then…